Presenting edorasbpm architecture:

bpm business process management edorasbpm by function Workbasket and Task Organization - personal and group baskets - individual query-based baskets - ad-hoc tag-based baskets - task sorting and filtering - task priorities - customizable task views with business process attributes Enterprise Portal Integration - workbasket view portlets - task fulfillment portlets - process navigation visualization Visual Task Fulfillment - user task forms - workbasket views - task fulfillment views - reusable BPM-related UI components BPMN 2.0 Modeler - high-productivity BPMN 2.0 modeling tools - modeling roundtrip support for cooperation between business and technical users - BPMN 2.0 model import and export Assignment and Escalation Rules Management - pull vs. push-based task assignment - workload based assignment - follow-the-sun, time-of-day based assignment - two-person-integrity reviews - deputy handling - manual delegation - configurable, reusable escalation timeouts and strategies - escalation strategy templates Organizational Structure Definition - definition, mapping and management of organization structure - integration of existing organization structure system - use of organization structure in assignment and escalation strategies Process Repository and Deployment Scheduling - process versioning - process version history - scheduled process version upgrade - process definition validity - process definition version diffs - process modification review and approval process - process migration strategies - migration of active process instances to new process versions Process Fragments Toolkit - reusable, configurable process snippets - reuse-by-reference - reuse-by-copy - process template versioning Process Execution Engine - lightweight, BPMN 2.0 compliant runtime engine - configurable persistence and transaction management Dynamic Task Assignment - based on pre-defined and extensible task assignment and escalation rules - manual intervention/assignment overruling Ad-Hoc Tasks / Collaborative Tasks - create and assign ad-hoc hoc tasks - skip/overrule/short-cut tasks - dynamically extend processes - collaborative human tasks completion (on ad-hoc/non-process driven base) Process Data Indexing and Discovery - process and task data indexing for fast lookup and retrieval - task search and process data lookup without database access Real-Time Monitoring / Management Dashboard - configurable system health information for operations - management view on employee baskets, throughput and workload Audit / Compliance - pluggable and extensible audit log system - configurable and programmable audit events - regulation standard compliance support Process Execution History - execution history incl. process variables per process step and decision results - open API for external reporting applications - base data for reporting Key Performance Indicators - configurable and extensible key performance indicators - real-time monitoring - escalation and notification strategies Service Level Agreements / Quality of Service - definition and monitoring of quality of service rules for process executions - escalation strategies for service level agreement violations Reporting and Statistics - process execution statistics (number of processes, average execution time, task idle times) - process bottleneck analysis - scheduled, periodical reports - ad-hoc queries and reporting - configurable report templates - access from external reporting applications - configurable and schedulable process history data export to external systems Security and Identities - authentication and authorization against external systems (LDAP, ADS, legacy and custom security systems) - groups and permissions mapping to process users and roles - process and task execution authorization - task delegation authorization Application Service Integration (WebServices, REST, Java, Spring) - integration of existing business/application services into processes - exchange of context information and process data between process and application services Process Data Stores (DBMS, DWH, Reporting) - configurable and extensible data stores for all process-related data - support for enterprise-level DBMS - scheduled data export to external databases of data warehouse and reporting systems Dossier Management (DMS) - integration into document management systems - tracking/grouping/management of process-related documents Process Event Bus - low- and high-level process execution events for integration into external systems - extensible process event types Embedded BPM Platform - integration of process execution engine into existing technology stacks - embedded runtime mode - transient process engine

bpm business process management edorasbpm architecture