BPM - DMS Integration is user friendlybpm dms integration: example of dropping multiple files

In the BPM modeler it's easy to create actions that interact with the Document Management System (DMS) to create, load and save documents. edorasbpm's great interactivity allows unprecedented ease of use:

  • Drag and drop documents on an upload area to automatically upload them


  • Click on a document to seamlessly open its associated application on the user's computer. When the document is closed, it will be automatically re-uploaded.

    bpm dms integration (sharepoint, alfresco, filesystem)


  • Create documents dynamically with edoras document templating (see below)


edorasbpm helps reduce the user interaction to a minimum.



Templating engine

Edorasbpm document creation is powered by edoras templating engine, which allows easy creation and compilation of documents. You only need to provide a template and name-value token pairs to replace; the templating engine does the rest (supporting all Microsoft Office formats).

Document Management Systems integration

As with every other edorasbpm feature also the DMS connectors can be extended. Out of the box you can connect to Alfresco, Microsoft Sharepoint or a local filesystem.

Alfresco workflows or Sharepoint workflows can be replaced with BPM workflows while you continue to use the DMS for storage.Simple BPM workflow for the management of documents


The glossary functionality allows to use consistent naming throughout your documents.


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