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Business Process Management

Business Process Management makes it possible to achieve faster time to market, efficiency in processes, continuous improvement. These are only some of the reasons which bring more and more companies to implement bpm solutions.

Open source bpm enterprise ready

Edorasbpm is an open source bpm solution which can be embedded in your existing application. It is the linking piece which allows you to make the most of your existing IT infrastructure.

BPM management features: BPMN 2 roundtrip

A BPM solution brings the programming / process definition in the hands of management: this is one of the main goals of BPMN2 , looking at process definition as a management activity, filling the gap between management and IT

When adopting BPM in your organization the focus is on process integration and automation. But the great advantage comes from continuous procesBPM Process Modellings improvement: the life of a process model follows these steps: design workflow, implement connections to beans/services, run, collect usage data, find bottlenecks, run reports and implement improvements. These are referred to as a BPMN 2 roundtrip.

BPM process modeler

Most of these steps take place in the bpm modeler. Its full-featured interface hides all the complexities from the users and show only commands that are relevant for their role. Model versioning, hot deploy, monitoring are all available from this single interface.

Case Management and Task Management

Once processes are defined, the end users will access them easily from their workbasket. The workbasket is the key to obtaining an efficient user interface: its query-based interface enables the user to customize the views to fit them to their actual needs.

DMS integration

Many processes involve the management of documents. edorasbpm DMS integration is designed to support all major document management systems with user-friendly functions: drag and drop, inline editing, automatic document creation based on document templates and much more.

BPM solution: The advantages

Task Management - User workbasket

edorasbpm has several unique features which won some of our best clients over well established, traditional bpm suites.

  • Lightweight and fast: edorasbpm was built with speed in mind

  • Built to scale: its architecture based on J2EE delivers robust enterprise features

  • Easily extensible: every feature can be extended / changed easily thank to its modular design

  • Entirely web-based

  • The first bpm open-source enterprise-grade solution

  • Easy to integrate


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