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BPM Architecture - DRAFT

(see Interactive areamap of edoras bpm  - another solution needed. )

Embedding (evolutionary versus revolutionary solution)

Embedding edorasbpm into your application is very easy.  Please read our case studies to see how it was possible to integrate our bpm solution right into a customer's complex application in under 2 hours.

But what does embeddable entail? It implies the suite can

  • connect to an existing user base

  • benefit from transactions in the user code

  • make workflows simpler (no compensation paths!)

  • Integration is easier as well. You don't need to pass security context in each call since edorasbpm lives in the same application as your business objects.

Powerful framework and architecture

edorasbpm is built on top of Spring. This makes it easy to extend: you can even change the Activiti workflow engine, use an external user base i.e. LDAP or Active Directory, connect to another DMS (natively supported DMSs include Alfresco and Microsoft SharePoint)

Process Execution Engine - lightweight, BPMN 2.0 compliant runtime engine - configurable persistence and transaction management

Process Data Indexing and Discovery - process and task data indexing for fast lookup and retrieval - task search and process data lookup without database access


Abstracting the actual process engine from the other BPM modules is a key feature of the approach of edoras BPM. While the Activiti process engine represents an integral, strategic part of the product, the task management of edoras BPM can also be used in scenarios where a full-fledged process engine is not necessary, but where tasks are created, assigned and executed on a more ad-hoc basis.


Based on a multi-purpose, generic process Event Bus, a large amount of BPM modules are integrated and connected, forming a complete BPM system. The process event bus also plays an important role for integrating external components such as security systems or audit logs.


One of edoras BPM core modules - enterprise task management - is extensible and customizable in a number of ways, such as with custom task assignment strategies or workload management components based on organizational structures and current task assignments.


Both the internal BPM modules and the product as a whole are configured and integrated using Spring, which allows straightforward and tight integration of edoras BPM into existing technology stacks and architectures.